Transforming Healthcare in the Age of the Coronavirus

In the healthcare sector, change tends to happen at a glacial pace. In addition to regulatory and privacy-related challenges, adopting innovative technologies often means weighing potential benefits against short-term risks to patients. Even as a new wave of telemedicine and wearable health devices suggests an impending sea change in the way patients access and experience care, the industry has been among the slowest to adopt new technology.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the speed at which the healthcare sector innovates. In a matter of months, healthcare providers have leapt ahead to provide remote checkups or stand up AI-driven helplines designed to manage an unprecedented spike in demand. In a moment when all eyes are on healthcare leaders to meet a historic crisis with an equally powerful response, stakeholders ranging from hospitals to diagnostic laboratories are accelerating their own long-gestating transformations.

But true change doesn’t happen without adopting new approaches to work. Rick Koloski, GSVP of Engineering and Architecture at Medecision, discusses why transforming healthcare requires an agile approach, and how Medecision makes it happen.  Read the full article.