HomeCentris Healthcare opening new agency in downtown SBY

SALISBURY, Md. –  Seniors and folks living with disabilities will soon be able to get more in-home healthcareopportunities right in their own back yard.  HomeCentris Healthcare is opening an agency on East Main Street in Downtown Salisbury. “It’s mostly support services to seniors. It doesn’t have to be seniors, but that is what we specialize in. That could be really any kind of a service that could allow a senior to remain in their house as opposed to moving to a nursing home,” said HomeCentris Healthcare CEO Matt Auman.

 It will be the first location on the Eastern Shore – and offers in-home healthcare services, like help with cooking, bathing, and other day to day activities. Auman says this could be a helpful resource for people in the area as spikes in COVID-19 cases happen in nursing homes throughout the pandemic. “The caregivers are masked and there are some screening questions that clients are asked every time we go out. But the services that we provide are actually really helpful because they help keep people out of nursing homes where there has been a lot of infection,” said Auman.

 Auman says that HomeCentris Healthcare specializes in folks who are MedicAid recipients, as opposed to those with private payment plans. He also says that they offer a special veterans program.