Caring for health care workers

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) – Even before the pandemic, health care workers have been putting in long days taking care of patients.

“Our health care workers are really tired, and a lot are very much overworked,” said Dave Lord, President of OSF St. Francis Hospital.

Those patients are our neighbors, friends and even family members.

“It’s been very busy. We’ve been full with patients, both a mixture of COVID and non-COVID related care that we’re providing,” said Lord.

As restrictions were put in place to protect health care workers and their patients, families have limited access to visit.

“It’s been very difficult for all families. Seeing their loved ones and having limited access to be able to come in and be with them,” said Lord.

Public Health Delta Menominee Counties says investigations show people are catching the virus from small gatherings.

“Household gatherings and when people get together with friends and family and they’re not wearing their masks because they don’t think there is a risk. But there is always a risk,” said Mike Snyder, Health Officer at Public Health Delta Menominee Counties.

With Delta County’s cases continuing to rise, OSF is turning to the community.

“We just again look to our community to help support us as we are going to be here for our patients when they need us,” said Lord.

OSF Hospital encourages you and your family to do your part by social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands often so that health care workers at hospitals across the U.P. can home safely to their families.

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