AVISE Lupus Test Allows for Earlier Disease Diagnosis – and Significant Healthcare Savings

Because the AVISE Lupus Test can diagnose lupus earlier and in less severe cases than standard diagnostic laboratory tests (SDLTs), a new study finds it also results in significant savings in healthcare costs. Over a four-year period, AVISE Lupus yielded an estimated total direct cost savings of $1,991,152 – a savings of nearly $2,000 per person with suspected lupus. By supporting earlier lupus diagnosis, the test likely helps reduce healthcare costs by reducing hospitalizations as well as outpatient procedures.

Researchers used a mathematical model to estimate pre- and post-diagnosis healthcare costs in people with suspected lupus and compared those tested with AVISE Lupus to those tested only with SDLTs. Given the AVISE Lupus test’s improved performance, 71% of suspected lupus cases are diagnosed within one year, compared to 53% of suspected cases tested with SDLTs. By year two, 87% of those with suspected lupus in the AVISE Lupus testing group are diagnosed with the disease, compared to 75% in the SDLT group.

Over a four-year timeframe, pre‐ and postdiagnosis direct medical costs to a payer for 1,000 patients with suspected lupus who were tested with AVISE Lupus totaled roughly $59 million dollars, versus a total cost of about $61 million dollars for those assessed by SDLTs. Interestingly, while post-diagnosis costs were actually higher in the AVISE Lupus group, the drastically decreased pre-diagnosis costs resulted in a significant net savings. The AVISE Lupus healthcare savings in year-one alone totaled $655,403.00, or $655 per eligible patient. Inpatient hospital admissions were the largest driver of pre-diagnosis healthcare costs.

The Lupus Foundation of America funded the early research on the biomarkers used in the AVISE Lupus test. Also, the Foundation’s advocacy efforts led to the creation of a new government medical research fund used to develop the test.

These latest findings demonstrate both the positive economic and treatment impact of earlier and more accurate diagnosis provided by the AVISE  Lupus test. Learn more about AVISE and how lupus is diagnosed.

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